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If you are planning a party in Barnet after booking the venue the first thing you need to think about is your guests, the second is how are you going to entertain them. After a party most people do not remember how well the venue was decorated or even much about the food or drink. However almost everyone remembers the music, the dancing and how good the DJ was. No matter what the occasion is or where you are staging the event a good party DJ and a reliable mobile disco will help make your occasion an extra special celebration. Our advice on this is obviously to call Pro mobile disco and get a great disco deal, but you need to sure so please check our DJ reviews and see what's Pro Mobile Disco different.

Party Venues in Barnet

We have played at dozens of different party venues in Barnet and recommend when you come to choose a venue, do so with the numbers of guests you are expecting in mind. A venue that is too large will make it difficult to generate a warm party atmosphere on the other hand if its too small people will feel claustrophobic and want to leave early. Also consider unless its a formal sit down it is extremely rare for everyone who says they will, to actually turn up. Most people receive around 70% or less of their expected guests.

If you need to cut costs a fantastic party venue might already be on your doorstep. Cheap marquee hire in Barnet can provide a low cost party venue solution for all kinds of events. This will leave you free to source your own catering and drinks, so you can shop around to get the best deals and not have to pay the house rates. Marquee hire in Barnet also means you don't have to end your party just because the barman calls time.

Catering for Parties

No matter what the cuisine its important there is plenty to go round, however at most parties not everyone who says they will attend actually turns up and unless its a long party most people only snack. If you are counting costs you can save some money by downsizing the catering a fraction. The buffet table at every party we perform at seems as full at the end of the night as it was as the start. However at formal sit down people who say they will attend normally do, and with ferocious appetites.

If you are counting costs a cheap way to buy the drinks is at the supermarket. There's two for one deals etc so if you can resist the temptation its something that can be purchased a bit at a time in the weeks leading up to your special event without denting your wallet too much.

We have performed at parties when the maximum capacity of the venue was exceeded by unexpected extra guests who invited themselves. Be aware gatecrashers can turn the happy party atmosphere into a nightmare, always have a least one sober and responsible person on the door.