We perform at functions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, 80s night 70s discos and any party occasion.
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Our experience in different kinds of party occasions ranges from Kids party's and School discos to corporate functions and black-tie events. We are expert at family parties including weddings, engagements, birthdays and anniversary party's. If you want to add a fun theme to your party we will mix the music to match, or if you prefer we can stick to one style. What the DJ plays will always depend on the type of function, you and your guests.

If you are having an 18th birthday party with only friends of the same age then the selection will most likely be recent and current chart hits focusing on preferred music styles. On the other hand if the party is more of a mix of ages then the latest smash hits and the greatest floor fillers normally work well.

On the night we love requests as this makes everyone feel involved and helps to build the party atmosphere. If one person loves a particular tune their enthusiasm can generate a feeling of collective goodwill that creates a positive vibe. We also except play lists that can be as long as you like but advice against 100% play lists as these never work, 10 to 30 tunes is perfect.

School Discos and Kids party DJs

For Kids parties like School discos we usually play a mix according to age for ages 5-10 kids like established favourite's and party dances. Kids of this age normally are not so aware of who has the current at number 1 record but will know almost every song from acts Girls aloud, Britney and Rhinna etc. Kids of this age also love party games and competitions. Older Kids 10- 13 will be much clearer on who they like and who they do not like, a few party dances like Cha Cha slide and the Macerana will also work but the music selection must be quite upbeat and very up to date. Teenagers will defiantly know what they love and what they hate, so this is the only type of party when a long play list is essential. We don't want to waste time trying to work out if the audience prefers current R&B or the current Indie sounds etc. However quite often this age group will like tunes that contain graphic lyrics or inappropriate subject matter so not all requests can be played.

Family party's, Weddings, Birthdays & Anniversary's

Family party's will normally include a wide range of ages and the widest taste in music for the DJ the music selection can therefore be quite tricky. At any party its important the DJ builds a party momentum which doesn't happen if the DJ is just alternating between a current record playing a hit from the sixties then a disco tune from the 70s etc and then back to the current charts again. The DJ needs to find a balance and records that work for all ages and will get gran on the dance floor with the teenage grand children. A family party DJ will need loads of experience in all kinds of events and have a detailed music knowledge that includes music from the classic performers of the past and the most danceable popular music of today.

Corporate Functions and Theme night Party DJS

Corporate or formal functions such as dinner dances ladies nights, award ceremonies etc normally mean black-tie. Mobile disco equipment is heavy and so normally we set up in jeans and trainers but we allow extra time to scrub up and get our posh gear on. If its a dinner dance we keep the music selection low key during the meal but we will be ready to up the pace with some floor filling classics. Theme parties are fun 70s disco and 80s pop party's are popular and we know the best tunes to play and the worst tunes which are best to avoid.