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The countdown to your wedding, birthday or special event has begun. You have booked a venue, invited your guests, arranged the catering and even bought a new outfit, but have you thought about the party entertainment. A mobile disco is the versatile and economical choice for most parties, and with dozens of mobile discos and DJs in Barnet booking the right DJ for your party may appear to be as simple as picking up the phone, unfortunately its not. The mobile disco business is almost completely unregulated and the standard of mobile discos and DJ services varies considerably. If you think all mobile discos in Barnet are the same and just want to hire the cheapest DJ you can, you are likely to be disappointed.

Mobile discos vary for three main reasons which are

  • Number of years DJ Experience
  • Equipment used by the DJ
  • Attitude

Number of years DJ experience. This is not the same as how old is the DJ because pensioners have been known to take to the decks late in life and not know as much as a 21 year old who has already been playing out for years. You may also find a great mobile disco with glowing references who have many years experience but you need to check that on the night you are not sent a junior DJ that has just started working for the company.

Mobile Disco equipment used by the DJ

This is a big one, its very important your DJ uses quality mobile disco equipment as the DJ sound system will make your favorite music sound either terrible or terrific. Lighting and other special effects will also play a huge part in setting the tone and creating the right party atmosphere. Although all DJs will say they use state of the art, top notch mobile disco gear in many cases this will be an over exaggeration. Unfortunately for DJs quality equipment will cost more to buy and maintain so this will reflect in prices charged but not by much. If you pay a little more you will get a mobile disco in north London that's a whole lot better.

DJs Attitude.

Most DJs will admit to enjoying the job and will have fun, but that's not why you hire a DJ. You are hiring a DJ so you and your guests can have fun. A great DJ will not care if they hate the music they are playing as long as you and your guests love it. A professional party DJ is not in it for the money, but because they want people to enjoy themselves so everything they do on the night will be aimed at achieving this. A professional party DJ will turn up early, play the right music at the right time and dress appropriately for the occasion. However some less reliable DJs use rubbish equipment, play only their favourite music and may even bring to your the party their girlfriends, friends and even other potential clients. You may think you would complain but if you have hired a DJ with the wrong attitude don't be surprised if they pack up and go home. We have a show must go on attitude, no matter what the circumstances. We always arrive early and set up the mobile disco equipment on time. The DJ will always play requests from you and your guests. With over 30 years real party experience we are expert at reading a crowd, so if you ask for one record and the crowd responds well we will know 5 other similar tracks that will work well. We can also tell if a request is likely to create a dance floor walk off. This often happens at family parties were there is a wide range of ages. Everyone may be dancing to upbeat disco and current music and a someone with a few more years on the clock asks for a slowie from the 1950s. Normally this is a DJ nightmare as any good DJ will want everyone to have a good time but by playing this it will kill the party atmosphere. However these requests can still have a positive effect as long as the timing is right and played at the appropriate moment. To get the timing right takes experience and the right DJ attitude.

A forth way in which mobile discos differ is in the prices charged, however this is in no way an indication as to the quality of service provided. The most expensive DJ service is rarely the best and the cheapest's will not be the best value. Every DJ in the world will claim to have years of experience and use the latest state of the art mobile disco equipment while also being 100% reliable, sadly this may not be true. Its your special occasion and alright on the night will not be good enough, it must be perfect.

Pro Mobile disco in Barnet is the local North London DJ service that has 30 years party experience in all kinds of occasions. We use very expensive sound and light systems that is PAT checked and we are dedicated to making your party event a wonderful celebration. We have a huge music selection and the mix we play will depend on you, your guests and the type of occasion. We have played at occasions such as kids parties to black-tie corporate functions. We have also performed at weddings, anniversary, engagement and birthday party's inc 1st, 13th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th . We are great at theme night events like 80s party's or 70s music discos, we can mix old skool with the current charts and classic floor fillers of the past.

Every party is unique but we approach each event with the same 100% commitment to making it a fantastic success. We are versatile and adapt our music selection to each party and always ask for requests from you and your guests. Call pro mobile disco for a professional DJ service and quality mobile discos in Barnet at reasonable DJ hire rates.